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  • Marwa
    Date:4/9/2013 12:41:50 PM
    We are extremely happy with Entercaps work for our website.Read More
  • Mohamed
    Date:4/9/2013 12:43:41 PM
    Great service and communication. Prompt and affordable, The whole package in one. Thanks EnterCapsRead More
  • Alyamama
    Date:4/16/2013 2:24:15 PM
    I want to thank you for your efforts with our team to reconstruct our website and your cooperation on the making on the project until it became a real success and a reflection of our image .Read More
  • Step up
    Step up
    Date:4/16/2013 2:27:17 PM
    We all here appreciate your continuous efforts that you did exert in making this dream come true Read More
  • Oyma - Furniture
    Oyma - Furniture
    Date:4/16/2013 2:28:34 PM
    Many thanks for your continuing efforts with our evolving and improving website Read More
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E-Marketing Campaigns (Facebook) :

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you our own advertising and marketing campaigns which related with increase your brand interactive on social network community (Facebook) in many different and untraditional ways which offer you a great deal of spread and increase in the percentage of sales , in addition to Promotion your trademark . Also publish your new special offers and products and features On the most famous effective way Email pushing and SMS Campaigns Which will have a great impact in the proportion of sales in addition to increasing the number of visitors to the company significantly.

Details of E-Marketing plan for month are as follows:


1-provide your page with One hundred thousand active fan from all over middle east for (5600 EGP).
2-10.000 Follower in twitter from all over middle east for (2800EGP).
3-10.000 targeted SMS . (2800EGP)
4 - Publish your offers daily and all new on facebook pages on the rate of three five-page bulletins on each page a day(2800EGP) for month.
5-30.000 visit for your website for month(1700EGP).
6-Emails Pushing for 7 million Email from Egypt four times/month(4200EGP).
7-Admin to manage your page with Arabic , English posts 24/7(1700EGP) for month.
8-SEO work with 1000 back link to be the first result in search engine (2800EGP).
9-A report after the end of the month, declarations pages that are published offers all the details about E-marketing strategy .