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  • Marwa
    Date:4/9/2013 12:41:50 PM
    We are extremely happy with Entercaps work for our website.Read More
  • Mohamed
    Date:4/9/2013 12:43:41 PM
    Great service and communication. Prompt and affordable, The whole package in one. Thanks EnterCapsRead More
  • Alyamama
    Date:4/16/2013 2:24:15 PM
    I want to thank you for your efforts with our team to reconstruct our website and your cooperation on the making on the project until it became a real success and a reflection of our image .Read More
  • Step up
    Step up
    Date:4/16/2013 2:27:17 PM
    We all here appreciate your continuous efforts that you did exert in making this dream come true Read More
  • Oyma - Furniture
    Oyma - Furniture
    Date:4/16/2013 2:28:34 PM
    Many thanks for your continuing efforts with our evolving and improving website Read More
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This proposal is based on a number of assumptions, in case some of them are not fully
accurate this should be highlighted in order to review the proposal. These
assumptions are as

  • The web site will be developed in English. Other languages can be added on request and will be charged extra. Furthermore, our sites come with an English backend and if this is required to be translated into another language, this would be charged extra.
  • The sites dynamic modules (which are all database driven and include a backend for content updating) will be implmented using Microsoft Dot net Technologies
  • From experience, we have found that successful projects start with detailed requirements definition, which is the responsibility of the customer to define. As such this proposal includes the entire scope of work for the project and anything that is not explicitly mentioned in this document is considered out of scope.
  • In case the customer is not sure of what is needed, we provide pre-project consulting services to help define detailed requirements, main business processes of the site, as well as the usability design. This service is charged extra and will be quoted upon request.
  • Static sections of the site are defined as those sections that are not database driven and use a content editor to update content. In such sections, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that these pages are formatted proficiently in order to have a professional looking site. We can also provide content publishing services to ensure that these pages look good and this is charged separately.
  • Dynamic sections of the site are all database-driven and utilize forms on the backend to update content and related services. This is always coupled with a front end design that is implemented by us, which ensures that when information is retrieved from the database by the front end visitor, it will always maintain a professional layout.
  • With dynamic modules, it is mandatory that the customer provide a list of all fields that will be needed during the proposal phase of the project in order to help determine the project scope. As part of the proposal, we assume that these fields are final and any changes during development will be subject to additional cost.
  • For all our modules and solutions, we have developed comprehensive demos that illustrate all the functionality and capabilities that are included. In case changes are needed to these modules/solutions, it is the responsibility of the customer to identify the nature of these changes so that we can determine if any extra cost apply.
  • Our concept design includes design for the homepage and we provide 2 rounds of edits on all design work. In these rounds we accept unlimited number of comments and feedback. In case further changes are required we reserve the right to charge for these changes.
  • Since design is a very subjective and taste dependent activity, we request from our customer to provide design input prior to the start of the process. Design input requested includes company logo, preferred color scheme (if any), sample sites/design they like, images relevant to their business as well as any corporate branding guidelines that need to be taken into consideration
  • In case of larger projects and custom work, extra design cost will be applicable to cover the design of internal pages that are not part of any standard module. All internals will be developed and approved prior to the commencement of any development work.
  • All our sites are certified compatible with IE (6, 7, and 8) and Firefox browsers on the frontend, other browser cost extra and will only be certified upon request.
  • Upon completion of the build stage for the site and internal testing, the site will be put online for user acceptance testing and we will allow for 2 rounds of unlimited comments and feedback, further comments may be charged extra at our sole discretion